crypto payment?

About is about bringing the crypto community together and bolstering the online presence of this crypto movement. Crytpo for it to survive needs more real world utility and that’s exactly what Cryptoshopping is providing. Crytpocurrency for the first time can be used to purchase real world items, over 40,000 different items to be more exact, while improving how products are sold online.

CryptoShopping allows over a thousand different cryptocurrencies to purchase items online and supports free shipping currently. Cryptoshopping also has a NFT marketplace where you can use it to sell products on the blockchain in NFT form. This project is really exciting and interesting; Lastly, CryptoShopping has created its own metaverse to showcase its products in the metaverse so customers can buy our products their on the metaland. One of our main objectives is to bring Ecommerce into the Metaverse and really strive to become Ebay/but in the metaverse.   There is a tremendously lenient policy when it comes to our refund, resend and returns. To find out more information about this please click on the following link; Dispute-Policy Furthermore to learn about which particular cryptocurrencies you can use to purchase items on CryptoShopping please click on the following link; Paymentmethods We also want to grow the amount of items on our website which we sell. We are aware that there are a lot of crypto fans out there that would love to sell their own products on our website to make crypto. Please click on the following link to let us know which of your products that you would like to sell; Startselling Lastly there is a chance to make 25% commission on each sale for product sold on Cryptoshopping store assuming you have signed up to our affiliate program and have assisted in making that sale. Have any question please visit out contact us page Contact Us
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