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About CryptoShopping

CryptoShopping is about bringing the crypto community together and bolstering the online presence of this crypto movement. Cryptocurrency for it to survive needs more real world utility and that’s exactly what Cryptoshopping is providing. We sell over 100,000 products for over 1,000 cryptocurrencies. 

Cryptoshopping has three methods in which it is allowing both consumers and vendors to buy/sell products online.
First method is it has created a marketplace where vendors can upload their products to sell for over 1,000 different cryptocurrencies

Second method is it has created an NFT marketplace where vendors can sell their items/services as NFT’s.

Third method is it has created a Metaverse where people can add products to sell on CryptoShoppping’s metaverse.

Method One; www.cryptoshoppingstore.com

CryptoShopping allows over 1,000 different cryptocurrencies to purchase items online and supports free shipping currently. We are offering a very lenient policy when it comes to our refund, resend and returns which we believe will help us grow our site tremendously.  Our site is a marketplace meaning that anyone (just like ebay/amazon) can add products to our site to sell for cryptocurrencies. We are aware that there are a lot of crypto fans out there that would love to sell their own products on our website to make crypto.

We accept all BEP20 and ERC20 tokens whilst including a vast array of other crypto’s on our site as payment. To have a look at a few of the crypto’s which aren’t BEP20/ERC20 tokens please have a look at; https://cryptoshoppingstore.com/payment-methods/

Method Two; buysellnft.cryptoshoppingstore.com

There is a massive craze for NFT’s at the moment. Here at CryptoShopping we believe selling NFT’s for tangible items such as everyday household items (consumer electronics, furniture, clothes, etc….) is a very interesting twist on the current markets obsession of NFT’s. CryptoShopping is essentially selling NFT’s as a receipt for proof of purchase on the blockchain which has many many future use cases. 

We only offer BSC smart chain payment in the form of BNB. We decided against using Ethereum as the gas fees are way too high whilst BSC smart chain the fees are close to $1

Method Three; metaverse.cryptoshoppingstore.com

The metaverse is most certainly the way of the future and instead of merely creating a web 2.0 crypto shopping experience we thought it would be best to create a metaverse as well. We have not synchronized our full database of products (circa 100,000) to the metaverse, however, we have made a start and have added approximately 500. We are within the next 2-3 months hoping to have the entire database synchronized.

Most items we are providing free shipping online for at this current stage. We believe that Amazon has had tremendous success simply by offering free shipping.
NOTE:NOTE: Free delivery for all items sold on the website by “Cryptoshopping Vendors”
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Accepting new items
We aren’t stopping where we are are be complacent.
We are going to contact many business’s in the coming months and start offering their products on our platform. We want to become the trusted platform which business’s choose to use to sell their products for crypto.

Marketing strategies
We have signed up to copious amounts of affiliate programs.
Furthermore we are to spend a large marketing budget in the following sales channels;
*Ebay promotions
*Google AD words
*Facebook adds
*Instagram adds
We are also offering discount codes to crypto community influencers to further push our presence in the market.

Native Token

We will offer a native token to the community for our customers to shop on our site in the following months. There will be a 10% discount applied for all customers who use our native token to shop directly on our site.
Cryptoshopping will use 10% of its profits it creates each month to buy back Cryptoshopping tokens to burn.

Token details
CryptoShopping Token is a BEP20 token issued on the binance smart chain with a total fixed supply of 1 trillion tokens. The ideation of CryptoShopping Token as a token entered a pre-sale campaign which was hosted by Pinksale. Further to this Cryptoshopping Token initial token liquidity pool has been locked under Pinksale’s DeFiLaunch certified liquidity locker ensuring safety and security for our community of investors.
Binance smart Chain
The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a blockchain network that runs in parallel to the Binance Chain. In contrast to the Binance Chain, BSC features smart contract functionality and compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The Binance Smart Chain offers our community the added interoperability of facilitating their investments through Ethereum-based wallets, such as MetaMask. An added advantage of issuing CryptoShoppingToken on the BSC is that it offers our community an affordable blockchain experience through smaller transaction fees compared to the Ethereum Network.
PancakeSwap is a Binance Smart Chainbased Decentralized Exchange (DEX) for swapping BEP-20 tokens. To facilitate CryptoShopping Token initial public offering, PancakeSwap offers our community the ability to exchange their BNB for CryptoShopping Token. In line with a pragmatic approach, CryptoShopping token shall be listed into major exchanges in the near future.
Liquidity locked

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2.5% of all native token’s transaction volume will be sent to a marketing/development wallet.

10% of all total profits from CryptoShopping will be used to buy back CryptoShopping tokens and burn

Q1 (First three months)
*Issue a Pinksales sale for the token in a form of a pre-sale as a BEP20 token
*Once pre-sale is complete we will allow the native token to be fully integrated with cryptoshopping store.
*Marketing the project heavily through paid ad words on google’s search-engine, facebook adds, Instagram adds and youtube promotional video’s.
*Goes without saying we shall be heavily posting on reddit, twitter as well.

Q2 (second three month period)
*Expand the products that we sell online dramatically and get connected with larger wholesale companies. We are going to attempt to get amazon’s and ebay’s api
*Expand into the car industry. We are very much so interested in selling cars on our platform.
We are also wanting to expand into the housing industry as well in this period. We almost already have the platform created to do this, however, it will not be ready till later.


Thomas Berrigan
Founder of CryptoShopping
Sydney, Australia


Victor Jozwiak

Head of Sales and Marketing

Sydney, Australia

Mate 1
Mate 2

Richard Palmer
Product Specialist
Sydney, Australia

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