Wrist Light Wave Meter Physical Therapy Equipment

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Product Name: Wrist Lightwave Meter

Power supply mode: USB
Applicable parts: hands

By irradiating radial artery, Neiguan point, Lingdao point and Tongli point with 650nm ± 5% low-intensity laser, the product injects monochromatic low-energy photons into the blood, promotes the increase of the amount of turbid fat layer and cholesterol enzymes (such as lipoprotein, cholesterol converting enzyme, etc.) in the blood, so as to dissolve the fat layer wrapped outside the red blood cells and help restore the ventilation capacity, Improve the oxygen carrying function of red blood cells. At the same time, the coating layer on the surface of red blood cells is dissolved to restore the negative charge on the surface of red blood cells, increase mutual repulsion force, and disperse the originally gathered red blood cells; it can also change the molecular structure of proteins in blood, and produce a series of biological effects through laser photochemical action, Thus, it can effectively reduce blood viscosity, triglyceride and cholesterol

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