KyberSwap DEX Hacker Considers “Potential Settlement” If Not Threatened

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KyberSwap hacker who stole $46M in an exploit hints at settlement plans which will be published on Nov 30 if team is ready to negotiate.

The hacker who stole $46 million from KyberSwap last week sent a message expressing interest in disclosing settlement plans.

On November 28, the Ethereum transaction containing the message was delivered to the multisig wallet of KyberSwap DAO. According to Hacker, a statement on a possible treaty has been produced and will be released on November 30.

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Message from KyberSwap hacker –

The communication states that although the hacker was open to negotiations, the KyberSwap team primarily threatened and used abusive language with “general unfriendliness.” It states that if the team keeps delivering negative messages, the settlement plan that has been prepared will need to be rescheduled.

Assuming that I encounter additional animosity, we can reschedule for a time when everyone is feeling more amicable. It merely takes uttering the word. If not, on November 30 we go forward as scheduled,” the hacker declared.

On November 23, KyberSwap was used for financial gain, resulting in a $46 million loss for the DEX aggregator platform. In a matter of hours, the TVL fell by more than 70%. Later, in order to prevent legal action, the team urged the hacker to return funds and granted him a 10% bounty. But the deadline is gone, and the hacker disregarded the team’s advice.

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