Jupiter Releases Huge Airdrop to Support Solana DeFi Community

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By CS Web Team 2 Min Read

Jupiter announces a big token airdrop on Solana to thank early adopters and demonstrate their support for the DeFi community.

A complete airdrop program has been announced by Jupiter, the top decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator on the Solana blockchain, which is a noteworthy move. A significant amount of the initiative’s tokens will be given to its early adopters.

40% of Jupiter’s 10 billion token supply will be distributed via the airdrop over the course of four different phases. The platform’s dedication to its early users and community is demonstrated by this action.

The first part of this airdrop will begin next week and distribute one billion Jupiter tokens. Users need to have completed at least $1,000 in swap volume on the platform in order to be eligible. With 955,000 wallets identified from a snapshot taken on November 2, this phase aims to reach a large user base.

A tiered reward structure based on users’ swap volumes is another component of this airdrop concept. This encourages greater platform participation and rewards early adopters.

Jupiter, created by a group of developers in October 2021, has become quite well-known in the Solana ecosystem very fast. The platform’s increasing significance and impact are demonstrated by the roughly $1 billion in trading volume it reported in October alone.

Jupiter distinguishes itself by combining liquidity from multiple DEXs on Solana to guarantee customers always receive the best exchange rates for trading tokens. Future airdrop phases, according to the company, will try to add more users to the fold in order to grow the community.

By releasing this airdrop, Jupiter establishes a standard for user-focused projects in the cryptocurrency industry and strengthens its position in the DeFi area. Its emphasis on user base growth and rewards will probably have a long-term effect on the dynamics of decentralized money, especially in the Solana network.

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