CoinShares Declares $108.5 Million Revenue in Year 2023, AUM Hits $3.81 Billion

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CoinShares reports $108.5 million in revenue for 2023, with assets under management reaching $3.81 billion. CEO Jean-Marie Mognetti highlights strategic initiatives and operational strength.

In its fourth-quarter report for 2023, CoinShares, a well-known platform for investing in digital assets, revealed strong financial outcomes, with notable increases in assets under management (AUM) and revenue.


CoinShares reported $108.5 million in revenue for the year 2023, a significant increase over the year before. In the fourth quarter of 2023 alone, the corporation brought in $42.12 million in revenue, profits, and other income. CoinShares also said that its total comprehensive income for the quarter was $19.36 million, and its adjusted profits before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) was almost $32.51 million.

CoinShares showed notable improvement in 2023 when compared to their earnings in 2022. The company’s overall revenue for the fourth quarter of 2022 was minus $46.94 million, while its EBITDA was negative $30.11 million. However, the company’s earnings for 2023 were $108.4 million (sales, gains, and other income), with adjusted EBITDA coming in at $71.98 million and total income coming in at $47.95 million.

Assets Under Management (AUM)

As of December 31, 2023, CoinShares’ total AUM has increased significantly to $3.81 billion. Out of this total, $3.09 billion is kept on the exchange-traded products (ETPs) balance sheet of the firm, which are issued by CoinShares Digital Securities and XBT Provider.

The 109% increase in AUM since the end of 2022, according to the business, can be ascribed to net inflows into CoinShares physical assets as well as the recovery of digital asset prices in 2023.

Strategic Outlook

CEO of CoinShares Jean-Marie Mognetti expressed satisfaction with the company’s performance, saying that after fine-tuning its approach, it is now on the correct path. Mognetti emphasized that CoinShares’ strategy worked, as shown by the consistent EBITDA in 2023 especially in the fourth quarter. He stressed that the success of the organization is a result of the combined efforts of all business units and corporate functions.

Mognetti described CoinShares’ future plans, which center on building on momentum and going global. The company wants to capitalize on its operational prowess and strategic aspirations to establish itself as a “one-stop shop” for investments in digital assets.

The company’s resiliency and growth trajectory in the digital asset investment space are highlighted by CoinShares’ strong financial results, which point to a bright future for the business.

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