Coinbase Trims Q3 Losses Despite Lower Crypto Trade Volumes

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Coinbase trims Q3 loss to $2M with a revenue spike despite low trading volumes, signaling growth and a positive investor outlook.

In the third quarter, Coinbase was able to drastically reduce its losses. The leading cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase revealed a meager $2 million net loss, a significant decrease from the $545 million deficit during the same time previous year.

The financial performance of Coinbase defies the downward trend in cryptocurrency trading activity. The business saw a strong 14.2% increase in revenue over the previous year, totaling $674.1 million. This increase far outpaced the London Stock Exchange Group’s prediction, exceeding expectations. Notably, $334.4 million of the entire income pool came from subscription and service revenues, which also included earnings from blockchain rewards and stablecoins.

Trading Volume Trajectory

The positive revenue news is not supported by trading volumes. In the third quarter of last year, consumer trading fell to $11 billion from $26 billion. In a similar vein, institutional engagement fell to $65 billion from $133 million the prior year and $78 million in Q2. This continues a downward trend that began five quarters ago.

But Coinbase is still going strong in its stride. The exchange said, “Q3 was a strong quarter for Coinbase.” The financial results are resilient despite what it refers to as “multi-year low levels of volatility.” Furthermore, Coinbase reported positive adjusted EBITDA for the third straight quarter, supporting the company’s trajectory toward long-term growth and a “sustainable business.”

Coinbase’s share price (COIN) originally surged 8.7% to $84.6 during regular trading hours, reflecting the results release. After the bell, it did, however, retreat 3.7% to $81.5. The stock market’s ups and downs reflect the mood of investors, who are carefully assessing the company’s chances in light of the volatile cryptocurrency market.

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