Bitcoin NFTs Lead Weekly Sales Surge, Outpacing Ethereum

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Over the last week, sales of Bitcoin-based NTFs have increased, surpassing Ethereum in total sales. This quick surge was mostly driven by the popularity of Bitcoin Ordinals-based NFT collections, with NodeMonkes at the forefront.

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Image Source: CryptoSlam (7-day blockchain by NFT sales volume)

Bitcoin NFT sales increased by 80% from the previous week to $168.5 million, while Ethereum sales were $162 million, according to CryptoSlam!

Ordinals was created in January 2023, allowing users to generate NFT-like assets by embedding data such as photos within satoshis (sats), the smallest Bitcoin units.

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Image Source: CryptoSlam (7-day sales data)

Ordinals not affiliated with any one collection experienced the most sales, reaching more than $43 million across over 47,000 transactions.

Following closely behind was the NodeMonkes collection, which sold more than $41 million, a nearly 170% increase from the previous week. Ordinals’ Natcats collection ranked fourth for the week, with sales of more than $10 million

Ref: NFT Sales Reaching $423 Million, Bitcoin Leads The Surge

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