Bitcoin Friendly Presidential Candidate Javier Milei WINS Election in Argentina

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Javier Milei beat his opponent Sergio Massa by over 2 million votes, officially winning Argentina's presidential election.

Javier Milei has won the presidential run-off election in Argentina. As per Bloomberg, Milei became victorious on November 19, surpassing Sergio Massa by over 3 million votes, accounting for 55% of the 99% of votes tallied.

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Argentina Presidential Election Result – Bloomberg

Prior to taking office on December 10, the incoming president of Argentina is anticipated to address the nation’s pressing problems, which include rising inflation and widespread poverty. In addition to the government’s lack of access to global credit markets, the Argentine central bank has ran out of money.

Milei is well-known for taking a strong stand against central banks, calling them a fraud against the people. He views the Bitcoin movement as a return of funds to the private sector and is a Bitcoin maximalist.

Even though Sergio Massa emerged victorious in the first round of the presidential election in October, he was not declared the winner. Javier Milei, on the other hand, prevailed in the country’s August primary election and the subsequent run-off.

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