Bitcoin Enthusiasts In Sweden Targeted By Armed Criminals To Steal Bitcoin

CS Web Team
By CS Web Team 2 Min Read

A couple in Sweden was held at their own house and physically abused by criminals in an attempt to steal their Bitcoin bribes.

Criminals recently targeted a middle-aged Swedish couple in an effort to steal their bitcoin. Four men in masks broke into the couple’s home to steal their cryptocurrencies and threatened them physically.

The couple’s attack has sparked worries about the security of Swedish citizens because personal information such as residential addresses, bank account details, and tax data are readily available to the public.

Renowned cryptocurrency entrepreneur Eric Wall posted about the incident in a post, claiming that after two similar occurrences happened last month, this is another attempt in the nation to target Bitcoin or cryptocurrency profiles.

Eric said, “What seems to be common to all of these cases is that the victims had either mentioned bitcoin in a public setting or livestreamed a podcast about bitcoin/crypto days before their assault.”

He went on to say that anyone can easily look out someone’s residential address, which is why the scenario is happening in Sweden. Public access to government records, including financial and tax reports, is also available.

Although “The Principle of Public Access to Information” calls for the public dissemination of citizen information in order to lessen corruption, this type of incident frequently results in its misuse.

“Sweden is arguably among the least secure nations in which to operate in the cryptocurrency space right now.” “I’ve left Sweden personally, and I don’t expect to return until the laws around personal privacy change,” Eric continued.

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