Atari Offers Club Member Jackets for ARC NFT Holders

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Atari introduces retro-inspired jackets for ARC NFT owners, partnering with Members Only, and exploring blockchain gaming innovations.

Atari came back with its limited-edition NFT jackets for members only! It is introducing updated versions of its 1980s-era Atari Club member jackets. Only owners of Atari’s ARC NFTs will be able to acquire these navy blue zip-up coats, which will go on sale starting on Thursday and ending on December 1.

The redesigned jackets have a thicker, more substantial material, and rather than being a detachable patch, the Atari emblem is now embroidered onto the coats. This official agreement is being carried out in conjunction with the Members Only fashion brand, which shared Atari’s popularity in the 1980s.

There are certain exclusive benefits for owners of the ARC NFT, which was released in May. In addition to savings, they can vote on certain issues and have early access to items. They also have access to a presale for these brand-new jackets for members.

Please take note that customers will not receive their coats until about February or March of 2024. While waiting, fans can purchase Atari patches from the publisher’s store and sew them onto their jackets as soon as they arrive.

For over half a decade, Atari has been investigating how to integrate blockchain technology into its operations. Atari is still researching how blockchain technology may transform the gaming business, according to Tyler Drewitz, the director of Atari X and person in charge of the company’s cryptocurrency-related efforts.

According to Drewitz, in the upcoming six to twelve months, games powered by cryptocurrency may be developed.

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