Aerodrome And Velodrome Hit By DNS Attack on Front-end Websites

CS Web Team
By CS Web Team 1 Min Read

Aerodrome And Velodrome have been attacked and the team urges users to not interact with websites as hackers took over domains.

Hackers have taken control of website front-ends in an attempt to compromise Aerodrome And Velodrome, two decentralized exchanges that were most likely created by the same team.

In a message, Velodrome and Aerodrome both confirmed the incident and informed users that all cash are secure and contracts remain untouched. They also asked users to refrain from engaging with front-ends until further notice.

The problem appears to be a DNS assault, where the attacker has gained control of the domains and is now redirecting users to a phishing link designed to steal their personal information.

Aerodrome is installed on Coinbase’s layer 2 network Base, whereas Velodrome is one of the biggest decentralized exchanges (DEX) on Optimism.

Although there isn’t much financial information revealed by the hack, onchain analyst ZachXBT identified two addresses and discovered that $40k has been stolen as of right now.

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